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The needy child enjoys their International Children’s Day with Jiangtian Chemical Co., Ltd.

        On the arrival of International Children’s Day, the young volunteers from Jiangtian chemical come to the Fumin Community again to visit the giril “Jin an” accompanied by the community stuff.

        Jin an is 5 years old, has Congenital heart disease & live with her mother who was divorced. Unfortunately, Jin an’s mother get illness & can’t afford the raise responsibility. Jin an’s grandma take the responsibility to raise her, but, her grandma has diabetes & bereft her husband for years, beside these, she also need to support her old parents who have illness also. The family keeps only with few retirement pensions, the life is very hard.

        Volunteers to learn more about the treatment and rehabilitation of Jin an, bring gifts for Children’s Day & spend a happy day with her. The brilliant naïve smiling face from the “cherub” brings great comfort to her family & volunteers also.


        International Children’s Day is the festival for every child, over the years, Jiangtian Chemical Co., Ltd. Cooperate with area residents' committees, send warm & help to children who need help.

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